3 Storeys:

Richa Chadha has a bold voice, the voice that comes from her navel and shrieks louder than her counterparts. Sharman Joshi is a docile man, who usually plays the role of helpless men stuck in helpless situations. These actors have been more or less consistent in their performances. The movie will be directed by Arjun Mukherjee, and it is an interesting take on Mumbai and life in Mumbai.

The name itself is a double pun, it reflects the word storey, which means the floors of the chawl where the characters will make- believe live, and the stories, of course, the tales of the three couples which will mingle and intermingle. The trailer so far, is promising, and just as much confusing, with the lines that talk about the eyes of people reflecting desires and stories in them. There will be a journey that will commence in a chawl in Maya Nagar, and it will claim lives and love, if not blood and gore.

The movie is intricately playful and subtle, with lovers wooing their women, the women acting as enchanters, and the movie crosses unchartered territories. In all probabilities, the past, present and future of all the six characters have been greatly distorted, and all of them will face the impact of the crimes that they have committed. The trailer ends with the line that “where one story ends, another begins”, meaning that there is a story, within the story, which is further again a subplot in the main plot.

So far by the turn of events, it a great thriller trailer and our hopes are that it turns out to be a good thriller movie. Coming from a Farhan Akhtar production, one can only hope that the movie will considerably do better than the other thrillers that keep releasing and getting dumped to the flop section. Get your dates locked for the 9th of March, 2018.