A lot of actors disturbed with the examination system:

With the announcement of re-examinations, a lot of people have been disappointed. The education system in India is extremely regressive, and a lot of people have taken to open up more about it. It is indeed unjustified that so many children have to sit for the exams again, just because a few students decided to leak the paper.

Bollywood actors like Farhan Akhtar, who came up with the concept of MARD, the man who is pioneer behind a lot of progressive movies, has come up and spoken against the issue. Actors like Vivek Oberoi and Rahul Dholakia too have spoken up- all of them are disappointed over this decision.

The Central education board has decided to re-conduct its examinations because of the leakage of papers. Not only is it tedious for the students to re-write the test all over again, but also it is a difficult situation for all of the students to sit for an examination that they thought was already over. When the Bollywood stars have put forward their statement, it means they have felt the need of talking about the issue. This is not the first time that Bollywood has spoken about the ills of the Indian education system.

Aamir Khan’s 3 idiots was a good enough depiction of what the Indian education system does to the engineers. The corruption and the malpractices involved were all highlighted, and the consequences were also clearly shown. The movie was already an eye opener in all forms. Often times the education system criticizes Bollywood for the malcontent display, well this is one occasion where the education system has failed miserably, so much that it has stirred a debate amongst the stars. The actors heavily condemned those who were involved in paper leakage, and hoped that the students fare well in the repeat examinations.