Abhishek Bacchan to face camera again:

Abhishek has a long list of flops, and is nothing as compared to his father. He has this humour and wit though, which springs out in his rescue. He has on many occasions admitted that people come to meet his father and not him. From the beginning of his career the only one that can be thought of as good can be Guru, and Sarkar. Paa, a recent one comparatively, has been one of his mature ones too. Abhishek is majorly trolled because of the brand that Amitabh holds, and he being quite the contrary.

After his, marriage to Aishwarya there has been further trolls at him, because Aishwarya being the most beautiful Indian is again his wife. He is surrounded by talents, and yet he himself has hardly done much. But Abhishek has witty comebacks for the snide remarks that are thrown at him. He always has a lot of humour filled remarks, and he never takes an offense against whatever is thrown at him. Recently, he has sought his fans’ well wishes ( I wonder if he has any) because he is going to face the camera after two long years.

His new movie will be Manmarziya and he has started shooting for it. And the day before he shared a snippet of the script and captioned it “almost time”. The movie will be directed by Anurag Kashyap, and Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal are the co-stars. Owing to the success of Anurag Kashyap, we might expect a good movie; recently Taapsee has also spread her fire with her performance in PINK. Of course what one needs to verify is what role would Abhishek be playing here. A lousy love triangle would be a waste. If it is some kind of political thriller, it might favour junior Bacchan. Else, there’s just more flops to be tolerated. Good luck though Mr. Bacchan!