Remember the cute kid from Pardes who stole our hearts? He was of course the child prodigy Aditya Narayan, son of the famous singer Udit Narayan. As a child, Aditya Narayan, was an extremely talented singer, and an actor. He left an unforgettable image in the movies of Rangeela and Jab pyar kisi se hota hai. Very recently he has been the voice behind Tatad tatad, Ishquan Dhishquan and more. But there’s trouble around the corner for the child actor and singer. He has been doing things that have been spotted, and he is probably in the limelight now for all the wrong reasons. Here’s why

Accrding to reports the singer and actor has been detained by the police, after a road accident. His car had hit an auto rickshaw, causing injury to both the driver and the passenger. What happened was a wrong U-turn which led to this incident. His Benz rammed into the vehicle, after which the singer took the injured to the hospital. Aditya was granted bail at the expense of 10,000 rupees after registering a case against him.

This is not the first time that something of this kind has happened. Earlier before this, Aditya had abused an airline staff. The staff had charged him of a fine of rupees 13000 extra for carrying extra Baggage, and Aditya wanted to pay only 10,000. This resulted in a brawl and subsequent abuse flings. Even before this incident, he had been slapped by a woman in the pub, because he had let out a snide comment on her. He might have apologized for the abusing of the airline staff, but then his actions weren’t exactly commendable.

There’s a lot of bad records written in the name of this actor. Our only sincere hope is that his actions become as good as his signing skills, and maybe he takes a lesson or two on driving too. ( Just kidding ! )