Aishwarya Rai confessed that she should have been fiercer

A lot of actresses come right to the halt and realise that they should have planned better, or done better. That they should have pushed harder and made more films, or walked more ramp. A lot of them feel left out as they no longer get lead roles in the movies. A very few actors and actresses continue to a ripe old age and that would be none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Aishwarya Rai, the most beautiful woman in Bollywood, came up with this confession in a candid video in Cannes that she should have been fiercer.

She walked away from big roles due to certain schedule limitations. She said that she was very much like a school girl picking her choices, because she has got some very good film roles and has yet not gone to accept them.

What she meant by the statement:

She sincerely kept to her schedule which is what caused the damage. Now that she delves back into the past, it haunts her because of all the wrong choices that she made. She believes that she should have been more fierce and aggressive. And that she should have left the schedules to figure them out. And this is a true statement, the actress who did Taal, was again visible very strongly in DevDaas and finally Ae Dil hai mushkil, which was a comeback.

After her break…

She says that after her break with Aradhya, she still gets asked why doesn’t she act in more films? Even now that she gets roles, she thinks she might just procrastinate and let go of this role, and wait until another comes along. Aish, we really expect to see you in some more powerful roles, giving your best. We can’t get enough of you, so we hope you do sign some movie soon.