Akshay’s monopoly being shifted to Salman?

Well, there’s sad news for the Akshay fans. Akshay Kumar has been producing nationalist Indian movies, with a feel good factor for the last few years, movies like Airlift, Toilet Ek prem Katha, Padman, Baby, Gabbar is Back and more. He has actually established a strong forte in these kinds of movies, and he has fared exceptionally well. His movies have a good plot, some good bit of action that doesn’t make eyes bleed, and of course, he has a good morale to preach. Akshay might do some comic pieces occasionally, but those aren’t as good as the patriotic and country love movie series that he releases.

Salman taking away the genre?

Though no genre is kept reserve for anyone, but it definitely seems that Salman has butted into the genre of Akshay. He is going to make Bharat, in collaboration with his friend Ali Abbas Zafar. The movie will be taking Indians through an hourglass of the last 71 years of independence. His last movie (commendable) was  Bajrangi Bhaijan, and though it wasn’t entirely based on national and patriotic values, there was some degree of soberness to it. A similar attempt will be made in this set. The director has said that he has worked pretty hard with the history, and he has come up with factual data from India’s past. All of Indian ethos and pathos will comprise Bharat.

And of course, here’s the major twist, the movie will be called Bharat, and Salman Khan’s character will also be called Bharat. Salman will be pitching to the audience at a more intimate nationalism than that of Akshay, the director had to say. We are simply waiting for the movie to take shape though, the audience will finally decide if Akshay does it better, or Salman does it!