Alia addresses rumours regarding Ranbir Kapoor :

Alia is a hardworking girl who has come this far on her own efforts. She has been struggling, selecting roles carefully, and then pouring 100% into all of them. From being the shallow girl at Student of the Year, to being the abused victim in many of her movies, and the recent to be released Raazi, where is a spy- Alia has a long journey of successes already. Ranbir on the other hand has begun with Saawariya, did a good movie or two like Barfi, and then collapsed into nothingness. He and Deepika were a thing in the past, but all that has gone down. Deepika is now happy and settled with Ranveer Singh.

What are the recent rumours:

We all know that Siddarth Malhotra and Alia have broken up, and Siddharth is moving in with Jacqueline Fernandez ( *facepalm* ) and there are rumours rife that Alia is dating Ranbir Kapoor ( oh no! ) the two were spotted together in one vehicle, returning from Zoya Akhtar’s party, which rise eyebrows.

Alia was asked about her linkup with Ranbir Kapoor, and if it affected her acting, relationship and bonding. She clearly told the daily that posed these questions that it is of no use to ask these questions, because she hasn’t asked Ranbir about these issues. Also, Ranbir doesn’t pay a heed to these rumours, so it doesn’t matter.

All praises:

Our dainty little girl was all praises about Ranbir, how she is lucky to have him around in this phase, and how he fascinates her. The behavior he has makes him a special person. She concluded that Ranbir is the best person she came across. We get you Alia! You’re probably in love. Alia handled this relationship in exactly the same way- she neither denied the rumours nor accepted them.