The last Bang bang was a remake of the movie Knight and Day, and it was a terrible one to be honest. Bang Bang shriveled up from its genre of thriller and romance and went to family drama and soap opera. Knight and Day was a fast moving movie, with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz stealing the show with their excellent acting skills and chemistry. In the movie June (Cameron Diaz) is not a bimbo, she can handle herself very well, and she definitely has expressions on her face.

Katrina on the other hand was this clumsy girl who had no acting skills whatsoever; she even made a face of indifference throughout the movie (the Katrina syndrome) and she has been extremely lame. As if one part of Bang Bang wasn’t enough, then there’s another sequel full of rubbish coming up. Bang Bang reloaded is another part of family drama probably, and who knows if guns will be replaced by Parantha and Achaar.

Of course crappy movies do well at the Bollywood, and this is no exception. Apparently the movie did well at the box office, although Hrithik succumbed to some injuries, during the shooting of the movie. Nevertheless, Bollywood won’t suddenly stop producing stupid movies, and it would be too much of an expectation to produce intelligent thriller movies alike Hollywood.

What good can be expected is to see Hrithik dance to a couple of moves, and of course listen to some electrifying music. That will be all probably. The rest might be a terrible plot of Kohinoor going missing and a theft in Shillong, only to understand later that the thief isn’t a thief (why are we selling this crap to people who watch regular thrillers). Anyway, we might have to sail through this disaster probably, and hope that our brains don’t get stolen.