Beyond the clouds:

Ishaan Khatter debut movie Beyond the clouds, is a beautifully directed movie beyond words. The simplest joys of life, the essential humanity in us, the evils of the society, all have got portrayed in this movie so wonderfully, that one can’t even express the joy one feels while seeing the characters come to life. The backdrop of the story is a young boy, Aamir, has been in to drug peddling, with his friend, and the two of them are happy go lucky- until one fine day, Aamir gets into a brawl and he finds himself chased by policemen.

In extreme conditions of chase, he accidentally falls on a woman, who turns out to be his sister, and the two reunite after a very long time. But peace is effervescent, because it is a poor life, and the sister gets involved in crime.

She gets raped almost and she heavily injures her attacker, for which she lands up in jail, and her attacker gets admitted to the hospital, where he is recuperating. Aamir is heartbroken. He pledges to look after his sister’s rapist, so that when he heals, he puts the statement that he is responsible for what she did to her.

The story sees twists and turns, change of human psyche, humanity winning over everything else. The confines of a jail witnesses love and affection, the old battered house becomes a home. The people are all characters we have met in our daily lives, the characters all face ordeal. How they deal with their ordeal, tell them apart. There’s betrayal, love, friendship, care, respect, and morals, even in a bad world. The movie leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. It gives you the hope that humanity lives, no matter if only an iota is left, still. Watch the movie in your nearest theatres to fall in love with life!