Bollywood becoming unsafe for women?

Bollywood has for long been unsafe for women on all fronts. We have seen time and again a lot of women complaining about the standards of treatment that women are given. Given that the Kangana Ranaut episode has shakes the industry already, and there are so many versions that have come out so far- we of course do not know which story is true, but Kangana did open up on a lot of people harassing her, on a lot of people taking sides and even pushing her to a corner.

The latest of her allegations was on Aditya Panchouli, who did the act of following her everywhere, including her house, and then even tried to bribe off the women’s help council. As if this was not enough, his wife didn’t help Kangana, because she too wanted him out of the house, else he creates a ruckus at home. Of course this is terrifying- if Bollywood is becoming increasingly unsafe, then slowly this will give out the wrong message to the youth. Since most young people take home messages from movies, and the stars have come down to misbehaving this way, it might be a very wrong move for Bollywood to showcase.

Neha Dhupia recently has opened up about this same issue. She was harassed by a male who exerted physical strength on him. She came out in the open and put forward her opinion, that Bollywood should take stands and speak up against these issues, both men and women should stand up against what is wrong. Neha has raised her voice against the MTV contestant who has tried to sexually harass her. The actress is angry, and has expressed her views. According to her, men have lost respect for women completely, which is why they believe they are entitled to behave this way. Neha is brave that she has spoken up- more power to her.