Bollywood Superstar Amitabh Bacchan has a golden heart

Amitabh Bacchan has already won our hearts with his wonderful acting. He was busy shooting with Aamir Khan in Rajasthan when he suddenly took ill. He is now better, and he has recently made the headlines again because of his generous actions. The king of Bollywood recently met a boy with speech and mobility disability- and he took pity. Amitabh wrote about his encounter with this young lad on his blog, and that is how this came out in public in the first place.

The actor has just completed his role in Thugs of Hindoostan, and has come back to Mumbai. During the regular fan meetings that he holds for fans on Sundays, one particular physically disabled boy came to meet him. Amitabh was smitten by the dignity of the boy and his strong determination.

In his blog, he wrote, that his Sundays are always special, but this Sunday was more so memorable, because he contributed to a just cause. He met a physically challenged kid who was determined to meet him, hence he let him in through the doors. Amitabh Bacchan also gave him a bunch of his own clothes, because the kid didn’t have any.

This is indeed a generous gesture of the actor, considering that he is an icon of the past and present generation, his action must inspire many. A lot of people regularly turn up at his door to simply wave at him, and wait for him to reciprocate. This definitely means that he has a very strong fan following, and his actions will be reflected positively among the crowds. His one act of charity will be imitated by his fans, and the goodwill will be spread. It is nice to see that Bollywood is trying to propagate positivity both off screen and on screen.