Boman Irani says words of wisdom:

Boman Irani has some major hits, Munna Bhai MBBS, and 3 Idiots. He has seen the industry for a longer period of time, and he has advice for the younger ones who enter the industry. According to this actor, youngsters in Bollywood need to have certain responsibility when they are endorsing something. It is not uncommon that a lot of actors and actresses endorse fairness creams. They comfortably stand in front of the national television and tell others that dark skinned is ugly, and fair skinned is desirable. As much as these celebrities earn from these ads, the ads are causing a negative impact on the minds of the youth. Bollywood at some point has to understand that it has to take responsibility of what it propagates.

The movies in the 90s always showed the hero stalking the heroine, forcefully taking her number, kissing her even when she doesn’t want it, because it was assumed that girls are shy and they need to be forced into something. These scenes of course made the men think that it is okay to force a girl against her consent. These were the mistakes of the past- if these are yet again repeated, then probably the actors and actresses are making a grave mistake.

Boman says that others might laugh at the terrible choice of movies that he makes, but he is quite happy with his roles. According to him what makes people laugh, and people get a good show, is good enough for him. The actor is all set to act in the movie called Jhalki, which will revolve around the issues of child labour. Boman has made a valid point here- he has said that when someone chooses to play a character, no matter for how short a duration, for that specific time the actor is on screen, and hence there should be commitment to what he is playing. Very well said indeed, Mr. Irani