Chitrangada’s killer moves:

Well, there’s still the culture of item songs running deep into the veins of Bollywood, and movies, without one or two item numbers are incomplete, because of the popular people’s choice. There’s often vulgar songs, with lewd lyrics, and one semi naked woman dancing, rather romping to the harsh music, and thousands of men watching, of course all of this can’t be wiped out overnight. The item song culture is here to stay, till the day the audience changes its taste. Mallaika Arora, Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Rakhee Sawant, Chintrangada Singh, are all in the biz business.

What special has Chitrangada done:

Well Chintrangada transformed item numbers to a stage better. She hasn’t been vulgar, but has been seductive in her moves, and that is appreciable. Her piece Aao Raja in Gabbar is Back, was something that wasn’t cancer to the eyes. It didn’t allow the objectification of women either.

It was a plain lustful song, and it was performed with oomph. Well, Chitrangada is back with her killer moves and sexy eyes again. This time the movie will be Bazaar, and she will be shooting for a promotional video along side Saif Ali khan, Radhika Apte, and Rohan Mehra.

Tit bits on the song:

The song will be sung by a Punjabi artist, and it will be picturised on Chitrangada. There will be high octane numbers too, and everyone will get a makeover for this sequence. Also, Chintrangada plays Saif’s wife, for this movie, which is also a major role. Chitrangada might be climbing the ladder slow, but she is definitely steady. The movie is already shot in parts and bits, and the song will come together in May. We are eagerly waiting for the plot to come in front of us, since the name is fancy- Bazaar. We hope that the item number is slightly gentle on women, most of all!