Forced nationalism in cinema halls

There was a lot of controversy about making compulsory of the National Anthem in the cinema halls, and this stirred a lot of debate in both the acting fraternity and audiences. It is obvious that forcing upon a culture, or forcing the citizens to do something isn’t right, be it singing of national anthem or reciting the national pledge. A lot of upheaval occurred which pooled in a debates and controversies. Director Anurag Kashyap is known to always give his views upfront. He has never hidden or minced his words to favour someone. He has recently come up with the statement that film makers always sell nationalism, and this is more than unwanted.

On making the anthem compulsory, the director had to say that there shouldn’t be forced nationalism anywhere in the country, be it cinema or regular life. The making compulsory of national anthem is an absolutely unnecessary move, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are honouring the national anthem.

Anurag is of the view that often film makers come together and plot to decide how much patriotic someone is, which is just as disgusting as forced nationalism. As much as this is toxic for the existing film industry, so is it troublesome for other people who adore movies and look up to them.

Anurag is of the opinion that the controversy regarding Padmavaat showed how much irresponsible we are as audiences. It was clear that without watching the movie if there were so many objections, which means how senseless people usually tend to be. After having watched the movie the protest was withdrawn! What a shame. According to Anurag all of this is forced nationalism; that comes out in people suddenly when they feel their honour is challenged. Not only is this shameful but also terribly wrong on the part of Indians blinded by nationalist motives.