Complaints against Ali Zafar:

Ali Zafar is the man who we saw in the movie Meri brother ki Dulhan, he was this absolutely cute guy casted with Irfan Khan, and the entire movie was revolving around him, and yet he wasn’t the lead character. This man has landed into some trouble, when a Pakistani singer took to the social media and posted against him. Actor and singer Ali Zafar has been accused of sexual harassment, of the Pakistani singer, Meesha Shafi, and he has recently taken to Twitter to deny all the allegations made against him.

The actor was fairly good in his acting skills, he wasn’t commendable, and his career graph is dispersed. Allegations that came are from a reliable source, but the problem is, the investigations haven’t been done. The singer has simply broken his silence and he has declared that he will take another route to solve this problem at hand- and that will be legal aid. With India already entangled in the recent cases of rape and harassment, these kinds of cases have definitely taken the upper hand of the media attention. One needs to be careful that he or she may not commit such heinous crimes

Bollywood actors and actresses should be careful about their own conduct, since the entire nation usually watches them and adores them. The responsibility of the country’s mindset actually lies on the cinema, theatre, culture of the country, which is why Bollywood should be more conscious of its movements.

Ali has made it clear that his intentions are to solve the case based on legal advice only, he doesn’t want a baseless social media war. Earlier in the day, the singer Meesha Shafi, took to social media and posted her story of harassment under the hastag of #metoo. Whether the claims are true, are yet to be figured out. All we can hope that such treatment of women be stopped, and false accusations also be prevented.