Deepika is Aamir’s First Choice for Draupadi

One of the finest actresses in Bollywood, Deepika Padukone is usually the first choice of many filmmakers. Being naturally blessed with hypnotic beauty and having proved her superior acting skills in every movie she has done, she is no doubt the most sought-after actress today. The leggy lass has displayed her talent in romantic, historical, as well as comic roles and is now the first choice of Aamir Khan for the role of Draupadi in his next, Mahabharata.

Mr. Perfectionist is adamant on casting Deepika to play Draupadi as he feels nobody except her can do justice to the role. While the offer is tempting and would definitely add more feathers to her overflowing cap, it is yet to be seen if our very own ‘Mastani’ will accept it.

The Padmaavat fiasco

Deepika was last seen in Padmaavat and what a display of acting, dance, and royalty it was! The manner in which she blends the emotions and the ferocity of the character looks effortless and is laudable. The reigning queen of Bollywood won accolades for her graceful dancing, acting, and the regal look she wore for her role in Padmaavat but all this came at a price. The actress received death threats from the Karni Sena as the movie found itself diving in controversies.

Will Deepika accept the offer?

Things finally settled down and the movie raked in a good amount. Though Deepika stayed confident throughout, the experience wasn’t a pleasant one.

“Aamir Khan’s Mahabharat will be the most expensive mythological film ever made in this country. It’s Aamir’s dream project and only the A-listers would be cast as the epic characters. Deepika is the natural choice for Draupadi. She has the grace and grit. But after Padmaavat, Deepika is bound to be wary of doing another epic that could easily snowball into a controversy,” a reliable source quoted.

Having gone through such a tough time for Padmaavat, will the actress nod in affirmative for another historical film is yet to be seen. Here’s hoping she says ‘yes’ and we get to see another of her spectacular avatars on the screen