In the wake of different incidents that have taken up the grip of panic on the nation, there have been people who have taken to shocking comments. This is not the first time that someone who is looked up to, has given controversial statements. A lot of ministers have come up with statements like rape is the girl’s fault and that she should be careful. Kirron Kher, who is known to be involved in humanitarian works, also is a member of the parliament; she even came up with a statement that a girl should not climb into an auto full of men, for that invites rape. It is not new that rape culture has been justified over a lot of times.

Saroj Khan justifies rape in Bollywood….

Yes, you read it right. Saroj Khan comes up with the worst statement unimaginable. She has been choreographing in the industry with Madhuri Dixit, Karishma Kapoor, and she is the most sought after personality. She is a national winning choreographer, and she has created magic for us on stage. But now she has made headlines that are of the worst strata- she has come up with the statement that, it is an open secret that the casting couch takes advantage of the women. This problem is ancient. Even the government is involved in this. So it is pointless to charge Bollywood industry with these allegations. Apparently no one rapes and leaves you, and that safety depends on the girl completely. According to her, if people have art, there is no need to sell.

Shocking words!

Clearly she has no idea of consented sex and rape. Selling oneself is definitely different from rape, and if the Bollywood people start making off hand statements, people will get confused! Moreover, Saroj ji, we can’t stop blaming Bollywood, and we will continue to raise our voices, until all the workplaces are safe for women. There should be no justification for rape.