Hate story 4:

We have seen the previous sequences of how love converts into hate, and how kindness grows into sudden revenge, and the Hate story flavours have always been distinctly distinguishable. There was no repetition of plots, smudging of story lines, no overlap of histories and certainly no connections. They have just been stories of men and women, and how they struggled, and how they rose or how they fell. Of course steamy sequences, nudes, a lot of sexual violence and adult talk behind the scenes is compulsory for these movies. After all, India should have her dose of Kama Sutra too.

Hate Story 4 gets its sequel too. And just like its sister plots, this too gets an Adult rating, nevertheless to even mention. This movie is clearly targeted for adult viewers only, and it has received it’s a certificate duly. And like other plots, this too shall be filled with erotica, hate, and revenge and of it will course be a thriller. On receiving the certificate of adult, the director, Vishal Pandya announced that the movie is centralized on hate and vengeance, and it is natural that the movie will get such a rating. The theme of hate and revenge is in itself so strong that there is no question of under adult. Also the erotica part of it is specifically targeted to the matured adult watchers, and certainly not children.

The movie surprisingly is built on the fences of what are the kinds of problems faced by the women, and how the emotion of hate has slowly built up in the women. The other versions of hate story have also a touch of brutalities and atrocities meted out to women, and how the women rose against it. Hate story sequels are known to be feminist in subdued tones, and this is probably just another icing to the cake. All the best team!