Papon defends himself:

To those who had been following the Papon controversy, Papon had allegedly kissed a young girl, and he faced a lot of humiliation and bashing from the Bollywood industry. He has behaved inappropriately, which is why the industry and a lot of his fans rose against him. The singer who was the voice behind Bulleya of Sultan, and Jiyein Kyun, has been the negative news who got flashed on the papers for all the wrong reasons. The contestant who he kissed was a minor child, who he was mentoring for the reality show.

Earlier today, Runa Bhuyan, filed a complaint again, and to this Papon has responded that it was he himself who shared this video, so if he would have been guilty, he would obviously try to hide the footage. He has also earnestly responded that he was in no way involved with the harassing of the minor, but he is only affectionate by nature which caused him to express his love and affection for her.

According to him, he holds the contestant in high respect, and he would never do anything improper. He also said that his wife and he share a beautiful bond for the last 14 years, with 2 kids, and that he would do nothing to harm them. This he reiterated twice, because he wanted to stress on that point more, probably.

He is also repenting because he forgot about the present context of handling children: the scenario these days have changed and he forgot to keep note to that. In a very long post, he expresses deep apologies for how he expressed his affection, and that he is apologetic of how things turned out to be.

Fans of Papon believe him already, even I would want to. There is some truth in the fact that he himself would not have shared the video, if he felt he did something unscrupulous. But then of course it is a matter of opinion again. What do you think ?