There’s a new sequel to hate story, and this time the movie will star Ihana Dhillon, and it will be her debut performance. She is also shooting for another movie which will have Arjun Rampal in it, and her character will be a kind of a narrator, who will probably narrate the entire sequence of the plot.

So far Hate stories are known to have plots that are dipped in drama, hatred, love and vengeance all at once, and the sequence was started by Paoli Dam, and after every one year or so, another one comes to the screen. The movies begin with an ordinary plot, but extend beyond themselves and reach to heights unimaginable. So far, of all the hate stories, hate story 1 and 3 have been the best in their own ways. The crazy psychopath villains, the innocent damsels going insane, and a lot more drama is always packed in these movies. We hope to see Ihana maintaining the worth of the sequence.

Talking about her next set of work, Ihana Dhillon mentioned that she is shooting for Nastik, with Arjun Rampal ( YAY! We get to see him again) and she will play the role of a cameo. She will be doing just one song, and that will be all. There would no female characters in the movie, and she is playing the invisible narrator throughout. Of course this is more than interesting!

Ihana is now promoting her movie Hate Story 4, the trailer seems promising, and it is only a matter of time that the movie will release. Book your dates for March 9th, which is around this weekend, and you get to witness the actress in her debut role. This sequel is written by Sammeer Arora and directed by Vishal Pandya, and will a good one to watch. Of course she chose to keep quiet for the plot revelation of Nastik, and we would have to wait a little longer.