We Indians worship our filmstars always, and we tend to be exteremely devoted fans. Such is our fandom that we often are seen following the stars on social media, and sometimes even in real life. There have been instances where the Paparazzi have driven the stars crazy, they have interfered into the personal life and status of filmstars only for the sake of cheap journalism. Such is the fandom, that the stars rarely get a moment to see the world- the one without the lights, camera and action.

Ileana d’Cruz, the actress, who starred in Rustom, Tu Mera Hero, and more, was originally a Telegu actress, and she had won her debut film award too. though none of her work is still splendid or recommendable, she is doing fairly well as an actress.

Recently in an interview she sadly mentioned that she hasn’t been able to explore Delhi and have CHaat. She would have to guise herself as someone else and maybe then there could be a probability. She loves to drive around the roads, because they are beautiful, but is unable to do so.

It’s sad to see that she being on the top rung of the ladder still cannot enjoy simple pleasures of life. The actress has been seen to promote RAID, where she plays the wife of an income tax officer. Ileana confesses that the role isn’t really expansive, but it will definitely throw light on the kind of lives that the wives of officers go through. When these officers go out to the field, they actually remain so worried, and all of this remains in the background. Ileana’s role is to bring out that to light.

Everybody has the right to privacy, and so has this actress. If chaat and a drive is what she wants, she should have it. We should somehow check ourselves on the limits we go for following our fans.