Illeana D’cruz hidden marriage:

With all the news of Bollywood stars tying the knot, and running about places for honeymoon, welcoming new kids, there seems to be one actress who has kept things well under cover. We the fans sincerely believed that she was dating someone, but it turns out that she is married to him. We are of course talking about none other than Ileana D’ Cruz, and her beau, Andrew Kneebone. Ileana has appeared in several commercial movies, and has been casted opposite to Varun Dhawan several times. She has played one role against Akshay Kumar too. The actress can’t be called a good actor yet, she has still miles to go that way, but nevertheless, she has established a place in this industry.

It was in the month of December that the actress hinted marriage. She took to her instagram account wherein she posted a photograph of Christmas, with her image along with a Christmas tree and wrote alongside that it was her favourite time of the year, and the picture has been clicked by her hubby, Andrew Kneebone. This of course raised a lot of eyebrows- no one knew when the actress aleegedly got married.

If recent reports are true, the actress is probably pregnant too, and she is expecting her first baby with her long time beau slash hubby. Of course this is wonderful news on many fronts- one, if they haven’t been married, they are breaking societal norms and expectations like a boss, and two, even if they are married, they haven’t made it a public affair, thus endorsing on the fact that marriage is a private affair! This is some lesson that Bollywood needs to pick ASAP. Marriages, love affairs, liaisons, are all private, and it’s the discretion of the characters if they wish to disclose information. Also, children coming in from unmarried couples are not an abomination, but a normal phenomenon. Way to go Ileana- you are definitely setting goals for us!