Director Ram Gopal Verma is known for his uncanny films both in the horror sector and in the political field. He has a different take on all aspects, and has undoubtedly sketched a graph of both ups and downs. The movies had a supernatural element, or some factor that kept them apart from the generic movies. The best of them were Shiva, Satya, Company, Kaun and more.


Sarkar, was one of his commendable directions, and although it was somewhat based on The Godfather, it still had its own persona and presence. The movie Bhoot, was definitely a hit, with Urmila and Ajay acting to a sequence that was surreal. Rakta Charitra was also one of his works that created quite a stir.

But the director recently seems to be in soup, because of his recent film- God, sex and truth. The movie allegedly is almost a pornographic sequence, and it has faced several objections from NGOs already. India still has no scope to shoot for a pornographic content, and hence those who have filed a case against him, seem to have intentions to put him behind the bar. They have repeatedly used abuses, and have expressed desire to kill him.

The director on the other hand, has clarified that the movie has been shot in Europe, and not in any Indian location. Of course those who have objections seem to hold proof against him. On one side, Hollywood has excellent movies on nudity, like A Serbian Film, Perfume, and more, and they have explored the avenue wonderfully- trying to address the theme in a different light. It is acceptable that India has its own set of values, but considering that nudity has been there in Indian art forms ever since India’s inception, it is probably high time that unnecessary ruckus about nudity be stopped. What happens to the movie and the director, is though a greater suspense than the plot itself.