Irrfan Khan seriously ill:

There could not have been any worse news. The man behind a plethora of exceptionally good movies is suddenly ill. He has informed the media that he has been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumor, and thankfully the doctors have reported that the tumor is operable. This is of course an extremely Rae disease. His doctor reported that Neuroendocrine tumor comes from the abnormal growth of Neuro endo cells in the body, and that in his case the tumors can be removed with high risk. The patient would also have to undergo regular checkups to make sure there is no recurrence.

The cute man behind Piku’s steering wheel, the exasperated Raj Malhotra, the tired sea return in Life of PI, the man who went to Hollywood to play a part in Jurassic Park, the man to receive the Padma Shri is now unwell and admitted to the hospital. Though he has had several visits from his friends, and colleagues, and they have reported that he is in good cheer, it is not a very good time for his fans. He had recently worked in a movie and that is on the way to be released, and he wanted the movie to be released on time.

The Man in Madari tweeted about his illness, and he expressed how difficult it has been for him to accept the news. But he has seen the love and warmth of people around him, and he has naturally healed half way to see the love. He tweeted sharing his experience of jolt that he received and that this journey would take him out of the country. He will be wheeled out of the country for treatment soon, while his fans await his speedy recovery. We sincerely hope that the actor heals, and everything comes back to normal.