What did Papon do?

It seems that the toxic apple in the Garden of Eden survives till date, as men and women periodically violate their code of conduct and rapidly encroach upon weaker people. Papon has the eye point of the hurricane ever since he has been spotted kissing a minor girl.
Angarag Mahanta, also known as Papon, is a famous Indian singer, composer and record producer from the state of Assam, he has a rich family history of being born in the music world, which explains his love for fusion music and folk songs. He has trained initially in folk, later he learnt a couple of instruments in his musical journey. He is known to steal hearts with his soulful voice and melody. He’s sung in a dozen of other languages, like Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, and Mishing.

He’s recently sung Bulleya for Sultan, and that song usually plays on repeat for most of his fans. Remember the song to jiyen kyun, which is sung in an intoxicating tune? That was by Papon. But who would know that the talented singer keeps intoxicating ideas in his pocket and pants too.

Papon has had a fantastic career in the coke studio, and it crossed borders and made him famous. In an interview to a news channel he expressed his desire to travel worldwide and sing in all music festivals. The question that one wants to attach to this is, “ do you want to keep harassing other little girls as a part of your profession or hobby?” of course, Papon I don’t believe will answer to this question.

There was a documentary which was released by Red Bull that featured Papon’s early life and career. Does it also have information that he has secret inclinations to hurt young girls without their consent? Maybe we have to find out for ourselves. Meanwhile, the nation is raging at his callous activities.