Kangana and Amitabh in a frame:

Kangana Ranaut definitely knows how to steal hearts. From her debut performance in Gangster, where she played the innocent role of a gangster’s wife, she has always been a standout in the industry. Shiney Ahuja (the gangster) got lost somewhere in the maze of fame, but Kangana still stands strong. She is still surviving the industry independently, despite the alleged rumours spread by Hrithik, about her sanity and other issues.

Kangana’s second commendable performance was Queen, where she outdid herself. The role of a ditched woman, she is miserable and takes the journey to Paris herself, and then grows her wings and flies away- never to return again. Her performance was so overwhelming that it got her a national award. Other intermediate roles were Life in a metro, Simran, etc.

Amitabh Bacchan has been in this industry, so much so that many generations have seen his work. He is consistent, and has been accepted as the standard bar of measurement: he has been a legend, and will continue being so. It seems this young volatile talent of Kangana and the stable presence of Mr. Bacchan will be united on screen. Reports say that R. Balki, the director behind the movie Padman, has approached the both of them for a new movie. The story will be that of a biopic, on the life of Arunima Singh, who was an amputee to climb up Mount Everest.

Amitabh Bacchan who played the role of a mentor in the movie Black, will be playing the role of a mentor in this movie. Of course an official confirmation is still on the list, but the idea of seeing these two on screens is definitely interesting. Kanagana has a wild blazing spirit, and Mr. Bacchan knows to tame spirits of wild women (remember the Jia Khan and Bacchan chemistry in Nishabd). This movie will be definitely worth a watch!