Kangana opens up about her relationships:

Kangana Ranaut has been a woman who has opened up about her relationships lately. She has been one woman who has fearlessly taken up the challenge of speaking her mind. She is someone who has always been very outspoken on women concentric issues. Her choices of movies have been excellent- from Queen to Gangster, she has always been lauded for the woman she is. Recently there has been a lot of upheaval with her controversy over Hrithik, and if he has been harassed by this actress or if he has harassed her, is now unclear.

She is now busy with her latest movie Manikarnika, the Queen of Jhansi. Her private life has become a public banter after she came in the open and spoke about the injustice that was meted out to her. She has now come out with a lot of explanations to what had happened. According to her, she wasn’t lucky enough in her past relationship. Further elaborating on her circumstances, she said that she had kept to realistic demands only. She hasn’t expected much out of her relationships, but the other person made a bucket list of false promises, and confused her.

We often hear of these tales of falsehood. This was probably a case that is no different. Kangana had the plans of a family on her mind, and she wanted to marry and get settled. Of course things took a wrong turn when Hrithik decided to release all her personal mails on the internet and violate the terms of privacy. Kangana came forward in her defense and spoke bravely- she accepted the fact that she had written personal mails to him, because they were in a relationship. Of course, the cowardly man completely refused that he had anything to do with her.