For all the cricket fans out there, after MS Dhoni, it is now the turn of Kapil Dev’s biopic. And guess who is starring in it! And that will be none other than the delicious Khilji, Ranveer Singh. Singh has a way through the ladder of Bollywood. He has climbed up alone, without much help. Starting with Band Baaja Baraat, he has been winning hearts- by the time Ladies vs. Vicky Behl was shot, he had already made a place in the heart of the audiences. His beach scene was the talk of the tinsel town.

His movies got stronger and sturdier with the entry of Deepika. When the two of them got starred in Raam Leela, the magic was inevitable. Although the movie plot was predictable, yet the acting, the performances, the mind boggling chemistry, the beauteous shooting spots, was nothing short of enchanting. The chemistry between them keeps getting enhanced as they were seen together in the recent Padmaavat, which caused a lot of stir. Khilji (Singh) was a treat to watch.

Kapil Dev’s biopic will be on the historic 1983, will be released next year. Members of the cricket squad at those times will be training Singh to take up the challenge of exactly portraying Kapil. The team will be trained in cricket, because the movie shouldn’t look made up, the director has to say.

Kabir Khan will be directing the movie, and with the director’s history of good movies and bad ones, we can hope that he might make a good tale out of this one. His commendable movies were Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and New York. One can only hope that the life of the legend be portrayed in good light, and that other things irrelevant don’t overshadow the main purpose of the movie. One year to still wait for the cricket fans though! Hold up and keep your hopes straight!