Katrina had no effects with Salman’s jail and subsequent bail:

While Sallu bhai was behind bars for the last two nights sharing the jail bars with Asaram Bapu, there has been a lot happening outside. A lot of people have taken Salman’s side, including Jaya Bacchan, who had to say that he had done a lot of humanitarian work, and he should be acquitted. Also, he was backed by cricketers, who came out in his support. He also found the support of Sonam Kapoor who said in a tweet that she will always be by his side.

It is no doubt that Salman has constantly been amidst controversy, whether it be the Aishwarya controversy, wherein he is alleged to have caused her mental harassment, or it be the hit and run case, or be it the blackbuck shootout- the actor has definitely made a lot of controversy.

Recently, after being evicted, he was again bailed out. The actor has also been rumoured to be in a relationship with Katrina Kaif for a brief period- but fans of Salman who think that Katrina went to Jodhpur to see the actor, well you will disappointed, she didn’t leave her apartment in Mumbai.

It was initially set that she would go to Jodhpur to see him, but after he was sentenced with bail, she changed plans. Before this, the actress had visited a mandir with Salman’s sister, to pray for his wellbeing ( that’s a lot of love! ) Arbaz and Sohail, Salman’s siblings and gone up and met Salman, when he spent his nights at the jail quarters. Although reports say that there was a special air cooler that was given, for Sallu bhai’s comfort. Also, his favourite cigarettes were provided to him ( not much of a jail visit, was it? ) All his fans are celebrating meanwhile, and the situation is like Raam back from Vanvas, if you notice subtly ( Just kidding! )