Meghna says that she won’t make remakes of her father’s work

Gulzar has been a successful director and Meghna has inherited that immense talent of storytelling. Meghna’s movie Raazi has made it to the theatres, and it is a hit. Storytelling with the craft of intelligence is something that is so difficult to inherit, but it seems that it runs through the Gulzaar lineage. Meghna has been offered to remake her father’s movies several times, but each time she simply refuses. He has made many iconic movies like Ijaaazat, Aandhi, Aangoor and more. In her 15 year long career, Meghna has made as less as 4 films only, and she says that she lacked the motivation, hence didn’t take the step ahead.

What Meghna has to say about film direction?

Meghna says that certain masterpieces should be left aside. They shouldn’t be touched at all. They are so perfect in their being that touching them would be blasphemous. Meghna also got candid, she said that her directorial debut “Filhaal” wasn’t written by her father. She herself wrote it, because her father would never have this perspective. The second outing, Just Married, too, is her own attempt.

Meghna has learnt things from other directors, and not her father, because her father could never stop being a father even on the sets, hence he became a less of a director when he was around, which made the scenario tougher.

Meghna feels the same…

Meghna says that when her son is on the set she too feels the same, she gets distracted. She also tells the interviewer that writing comes to one naturally, and her father hadn’t instructed her about anything. After Just Married, Meghna came up with Talvar, after a very long break, and it won laurels. And of course, Raazi has now made a collection of 14.11 crores, which itself shows how wonderful the movie must be. Some genius gets passed by blood, which is clearly the case here. We hope to see more of Gulzaar’s work!