Tabu has been a very progressive actress and she has filled in her parts perfectly. Even if the movie has been of low standards, Tabu’s acting always has been mesmerizing. The lady has charm, grace, and she performs meticulously. Remember Fitoor? Nobody could have filled in that role with so much possessiveness, delirium and insanity. Or maybe you could recall Haider. The mother who had no spine couldn’t be better portrayed by Tabu.

Manoj has always been a step ahead. His previous movies have proved that he is intense, he is determined and definitely a star. Obsessive roles, roles of crazy lunatics hidden under normal faces are his forte. These two talented stars come together in one movie under the title Missing. Manoj is co-producing the movie, and it is expected that it will be a psychological thriller. Of course the history of psychological thrillers says that Bollywood directs pretty bad ones, with terrible plots, but this might be a fine exception to all other disappointments supplied by Bollywood.


Mukul Abhyangar is going to direct the movie, and the first look of the poster has been shared. In all likelihoods, it is evident that one of the characters might go missing, and the journey might be about finding the character, and the obstacles that came along. Judging from Tabu’s expertise, she will fill in her role too well beyond complaints.

This movie will be released in April, and this might be something to look forward to. Because the 90s have seen Tabu and Manoj independently do extremely well in their movies, all the fandom are eagerly waiting for the trailer and final release. It is only a faint hope and silent prayer that the two don’t disappoint us in any way! Wishing them good luck for the picture!