Nothing ‘Holi’ about Anushka’s Pari

Actress, producer and also now Indian cricket’s First Lady, Anushka Sharma, is all set to scare your socks off this Holi in her new movie Pari. If the film’s screamers and trailer are anything to go by, it promises to be a bloodcurdling drama. The buzz around Pari is suggestive of fans waiting franctically to see Anushka in her first release post her marriage to cricketer Virat Kohli. There is a clever twist to the subtitle of the film as it promises to be anything but a fairy tale. Anushka plays Rukhsana, who is possessed by an evil paranormal force inflicting pain on the character. Giving the audience creeps are Anushka’s blood-shot eyes, tattered body and eerie mannerisms. British Prosthetic Designer Clover Wootton was roped in to transform the ravishing Anushka into this horrifying avatar.

Pari is Anushka’s third outing as a producer after the bold and edgy NH 10, and fantasy comedy Phillauri. She has shown a penchant for unusual subjects and characters and is carving a very unique trail as a film producer. Anushka played a goofy and well-meaning ghost Phillauri and extracted quite a few laughs from the audience. But in Pari, the supernatural, does not tickle the funny bone. This film is not meant for the weak-hearted.

Anushka has stepped into the producer’s shoes to give the film’s promotion a unique spin. Very little has been revealed about the plot and all we have witnessed thus far is one spine-chilling trailer and creepy teasers that have been appropriately called screamers. Just the film’s 3-D hoardings with special light effects are enough to bring your heart to your mouth. From the film’s concept and presentation to its promotion, it’s evident that Anushka is raring to go and doesn’t hesitate from taking risks. While NH 10 and Phillauri won her critics’ accolades, Pari also promises to redefine Bollywood’s horror genre.