This is a biographical crime drama that will be released soon, and the trailer is already a promising watch. The movie is about Omar Saeed Sheikh, who is a British terrorist of Pakistani descent. The film goes around the kidnappings of 1994, the plotting of murder of Daniel Pearl who was a wall street journal. This movie has already won special mentions, and will be released this April 20th.

Raj Kumar Rao has again surprised us. After the Bose sequence, he looks exorbitant in this one too. He is so versatile that in Bose he played the role of a dedicated nationalist and freedom fighter and here he absolutely changes roles, becomes loyal to blood. His look is interesting; he has a golden rimmed spectacle and a lot of beard and ruffled hair. His evil smile from the corner of the lips is already creating the illusion that he indeed is a terrorist. Such a movie is going to be a hit- it can be easily predicted right from the trailer.

The story is by Mukul Dev, his debut in the film industry. The direction is by Hansal Mehta. Mehta revealed that much of the character was born out of research and Raj Kumar Rao himself. Also the purpose of making this film was to explore human characteristics. His intention was to leave the audience in awe, disgust, hate and shock- and respond strongly to the evils of terrorism.

Mehta’s movie exposes state funded terrorism, which is always in denial. The scenes of Pakistan and Afghanistan were recreated and more of the shooting was done in London and India. It will be an uncomfortable film that will answer uncomfortable questions, and it will be something worth watching. It is said that the actor himself became quite disturbed when he came across the script.

Bollywood is maturing! What else could be better!