Parmanu delayed

The movie that stars Diana Penty and John Abraham is now delayed. Parmanu- the story of Pokran, has been pushed to 6 months delay almost. John Abraha was last seen in exceptionally well crafted movies like Rocky Handsome, wherein he has performed exceptionally well. Diana Penty is still on the newcomer’s list and she hasn’t done much other than Cocktail. Both of these actors have come together for Parmanu. Parmanu was supposed to be released on the December 8th last year. It got pushed to 23rd February, and now to April 6th. But then, rumours are rife that the movie is being pushed to May.

What happens with the delays is that the audience grows impatient and often loses interest. The sales fall off drastically and the movie doesn’t do well occasionally. When Diana Penty was asked how it has affected her, she’s replied that it’s all about moving on, and she hasn’t been affected in the least.

She is also waiting for it to release, but it hasn’t taken up other spaces for her. The actress Diana will be wearing a military look to match the role that she will be playing in Parmanu. The story is of course based on real life events- the  nuclear tests that were conducted in Pokran, Rajasthan in the year 1998.

The movie trailer seems promising; with the usual style of John handling the miscreants and it’s a movie that retells history. It is important to honour the heroes who have been unsung so long. Diana apparently took up the film because she was excited to act in a movie that would be of some knowledge to the Indian audiences. She’s presently waiting for other movies to get released too- Happy Phir Bhaag Jayegi. All set and done- Parmanu will be a more educating film than Happy sequel 2 and we are all eagerly waiting for it.