Pooja Bhatt was trolled on social media:

Amitabh Bacchan was out on the release of his music video, for 102 not out, and that is when the media took the occasion to ask Bacchan sir about his take on the Kathua Rape case. As it is, a lot of Bollywood celebrities had come out in the support for Justice for Asifa, saying that I am Hindusthan and I am ashamed. A lot of celebrities took to candle light marching, and even protesting on the streets. Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Deshmukh, and a lot of known faces had revolted, which is nothing extraordinary- such cases infuriate everyone.

What did Bacchan Sahab say?

Bacchan Sir was immediately diffusive about the topic, he said he didn’t want to make any public comments at all, because it fills him with disgust. Now, a lot of people have interpreted it in different ways, some have said that he was utterly disgusted, which made him say so, and some have said that he deliberately didn’t leave a comment.

Where does Pooja Bhatt come in all of this?

Pooja Bhatt took to twitter and commented that she remembers the movie Pink here, and that she would be happy if people stuck to their characters, and did off screen what they preached on screen. This of course, was taken by Twitteratis negatively, and they started bashing her. Some of them wrote that she is an alcoholic, and has no right to comment this way. Another person wrote that Pooja is brainless. Pooja however handled it with cool, she wrote back, that she has been sober for 485 days, and she is a recovering alcoholic, and she is proud of it.

To her other haters, she responded with “yawn”- which is funny. It is time that people stop shaming women on different grounds such as these, drinking alcohol or commenting on social media are personal tastes, and no one should have the access to harm the reputation of these stars. Its sad, how the public throws outrage at these women, and get away with it.