Priyanka’s second success:

Well, there’s a lot happening in Pee Cee’s life. This actress has been definitely going places. From excellent portrayal of Mary Kom, to moving to Hollwood, the shooting of Quantico, the actress has done it all. Her rise began with Fashion probably, for Meghna, the character she played, reflected her life hugely. She has done extremely well, has now and then addressed social issues, has spoken up against issues like glass ceiling and pay disparity, and more. Priyanka is an inspiration for most of the youth today, chiefly because of the proactive work that she is delivering. Her hard work, and her perseverance, is what keep her a class apart.

Quantico season 3 is all set to roll, and meanwhile there’s another movie that she has bagged in Hollywood. “ a kid like Jake” has been selected to be premiered at Sarasota Film Festival, which will start on the 13th of April.

Hitting the festival would mean it would definitely be a favourite amongst many. It was already a part of the festival at Sundance Film Festival in January. With increasing popularity, this movie is gaining grounds and praises. The movie stars Octavia Spencer, Jim Parsons, Claire Danes, in pivotal roles too. This movie is all about coming to terms with the gender identity of the kid.

Priyanka has been elated, the moment she heard about the movie moving to the film festivals. There’s another one on which she worked, “isn’t it romantic”. She has called them quick films, and she has confessed that they have been amazing experiences of her life. It is truly an achievement, for she didn’t have anyone in the film industry to guide her through, she made her way alone, right up to the crevice of acting alone. She has faced a lot of obstacles and is still leading the way- Way to go PEE CEE!