Radhika Apte gives shocking updates on the casting couch:

With so many protests coming up, a lot of people have started speaking up. Bollywood took its stand in the Asifa rape case, and ever since, things have taken a different turn. Before this, Kangana Ranaut had desperately tried to bring forward the truth of the directors and producers who work in the film industry. Of course half the world laughed at her, and pretended it never happens. On the other hand now, a lot of celebrities have come up, and they are giving interviews. One of the most shocking interviews was given by Radhika Apte herself.

What did Radhika say?

There’s a BBC documentary that will come up soon, that will give details on the casting couch. The documentary movie will be called Bollywood’s dark secret, and it will feature Radhika Apte, and Usha Jadav, from the Bollywood and Marathi film industries respectively.

Radhika in her candid interview says that the victim must speak out, because in most of the cases, the attacker thinks he is god, and that even if protesters comment, no one will be able to blame him because of his position. She says that he attacker often thinks the victim’s career will be ruined, hence he continues to behave the same. Usha too recalls her experience where she was asked for sexual favours.

When Usha asked the director to stop touching her inappropriately, he came up with the comment that she doesn’t have the right attitude to work in the industry. Such shocking statements have come from two talented stars, who have fought their way into the industry. Radhika has been labourious, she has been working hard from day 1, and yet she was faced with these harassments. According to Saroj Khan, if one has talent, one needn’t sell herself. What has Saroj Khan to say about this?

The documentary airs later this week.