Radhika Apte : the wonder woman

There are some people who are born to act flawlessly. Radhika is one of those fine actresses who has made her mark already. One will never see her in raunchy item numbers, but will always see her in bold movies, where she takes a stand. Phobia, Parched, Padman, all of these movies showed a fearless defiant Radhika, and many other faces that remain caught in one personality. Radhika is married to the London based musician Benedict Taylor, which is unknown to the knowledge of most people. She guards her secret fiercely, and she manages to balance both successfully. Recently, she came out with a statement, that her long distance marriage are both exhausting and expensive, which is true.

This lady is never scared to speak her heart, on a show she confessed that women actors get a low pay because people haven’t yet had the acceptance of seeing a woman star dominating the screen. There are many glass ceilings that need to be broken, and Radhika has accepted this flaw about her industry. Even when the film stars of Pakistan were sent back to their own countries, the actress said that there were Swiss watches available in India, and that they had separate stores for it, it is unnatural that an actor can’t come up and make a film India.

When her intimate scenes were leaked off the actress laughed it off- she was having breakfast at the dinner table with her husband and they both knew something for certain- there was no point fretting over what others would think. The actress has an amazing equation with her husband- both of them travel overseas on sudden plans, and they meet every month. They have a house in London, and in India, and the two of them make time for each other this way. Jealous? I’m sure you are.