Rani Mukherji calls out that how pregnant women look is immaterial:

We have seen Bollywood actresses obsess over how they look during their maternity. We have seen a lot of photo shoots, a lot of criticisms as to how motherhood should be done the right way, a lot of articles and blogs on how to still look pretty despite a baby bump, and so many other things. We have seen a whole lot of policing when it comes to maternity related issues. Actresses themselves have repeatedly fallen prey to this system. We have seen posts of actresses, with the comments from media like, how her skin glows despite she is pregnant, and how glamorous she looks despite being a nursing mother.

Rani calls out to all people who glorify pregnancy:

After her comeback with Hichki, the actress has made a lot of statements, and she is answering questions with sass. About pregnant mothers, she said that there’s nothing to obsess about how actors look when they are pregnant.

She replied that there should be free choice, and people can decide whether to work or not. There is never a question to showcase or hide a pregnancy. She said that pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, and it has nothing to do with showcasing. People can wither remain indoors, or work outdoors, it completely depends on personal choice.

Certain norms that are followed:

Rani said that she kept to the norm of not going out because of the fact that the Bengali community believe in this. She didn’t go out for the first 4 months at all. She also spoke about the fact that its irrelevant how a person looks during pregnancy. About pregnancy, she disclosed that she has certain feelings and concerns that she didn’t have when she was single. She said that now she takes things differently. She also recalls that she was more carefree. She also added she is enjoying being a mother.

Of course we agree with you Rani! We just hope that the fashion industry forgets obsessing over pregnant females.