A lot of stars started from scratch when they were growing up, and they didn’t have the privilege of being born to rich parents. Not everyone is Taimur or Misha for that matter. There are a lot of Shah Rukhs, Raj Kummars, who had no one in the industry, and nepotism didn’t help them. They struggled all by themselves and struggled up the ladder of success. Ranveer Singh too has come a long way, right from Band Baaja Baarat, to Lady versus Vicky Behel, to the now standalone Padmavaat, and so much more. Not that he hasn’t signed up for crappy movies like Befiqre, but he has his share of good ones too. Dil Dhadakne do was a good one too.

Know more about Ranveer’s success:

The first Indian being the ambassador for Switzerland tourism, Ranveer has gone a long way. His beau ( Deepika Padukone) has also received critical acclaim internationally, and the duo are doing a great job. Ranveer has been travelling and having fun in Switzerland, while also promoting Switzerland tourism.

Meanwhile he becomes all emotional and recalls his days growing up, saying that his parents use to save a lot of money and then make a foreign trip possible for the family. Otherwise his trips were all located in India, Goa mostly.

The trolls he received:

A lot of people took to twitter, tagged him and trolled him that if his parents could afford a foreign trip back in the 90s, it definitely means he wasn’t poor. Quite a few of them shared memes and cracked a few jokes too. Laughing about someone’s social status isn’t a very action though- and a lot of people usually do save up in huge bundles and then splurge on travelling. Whatever the case, there was a minor twitter storm, but haters going to keep hating right? Ranveer keep doing the amazing job! We are proud.