Ranveer Singh will be voice of Deadpool:

We all know what happened to the charts of Bollywood movie Omerta, because it coincided with Infinity wars. The audience is India is quite funny- it doesn’t appreciate good quality movies when it comes from Bollywood, but likes the movies that come from Hollywood. The Omerta viewership drastically failed because all viewers chose the infinity stones over the criminal story of Omar Sheikh ( what a stupid thing to do). But nevertheless, to cater to the Indian fans of Marvel and DC, there will be a hindi dubbed show of Deadpool 2, and the trailers are out.

Guess who is doing the voice over?

Well that is our own lover boy Ranveer doing the voice over for Deadpool 2. The actor is of course Ryan Reynolds but the voice will be the desi Ranveer.

The dialogues are all hilarious, the direct translations of English cuss words and slangs, land up in hindi as “ g**nd cheer dunga”, and it’s a messy, rib tickler, that will make you laugh, despite you not being a comic lover. What is even better that the movie work was coinciding with Gully boy, and Hollywood has actually worked out the dates, so that they can accommodate him in both projects.

Better superheroes expected from India:

The Indian superhero scenario is pathetic, with Krishh and Jadoo dancing on screen. To say in the least, no child will even watch these movies. The reason that the audience prefers Hollywood superheroes is because there is sufficient substance and humour in them. Raa one and alikes, with absolute no sense and melodramatic crying is something that this generation won’t accept- let alone adults. The movie making has to be more mature, the plots more condensed and meaningful. We hope that better movies do come up. Meanwhile thumbs up Ranveer! Keep spreading your magic!