Salman Khan reveals his reason why he can’t get married?

Salman Khan is probably as old as our grandfathers, and he has only been rumored to be with a lot of people, but he has never dreamt of tying the knot. This man has made a huge bunch of movies that make no sense, and another huge bunch of movies that appeal to some people only. Of course there’s an exception, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which stole all our hearts, fan or not. Not everyone can be a Salman fan, unfortunately. There had been rumours of Salman Khan dating Katrina, and a lot of other women, but this man is always spotted single. Although a lot of people believe that he is one of the most eligible bachelors, I do not think he would be a good husband. What if he drives the car when he’s taking his wife out on a date (meant only for humour).

The industry insiders always confirm that he is with his girlfriend, Iulia Vantur, but of course, he has never admitted it. And he shouldn’t give out his personal details either, which is of course respected. But then when he was asked as why he isn’t getting married ( not that it’s any of our business anyway), he comes up with the argument that marriages these days involve a lot of money. They drain people of finances, and one spends lakhs and crores on this. This is why, he is single. He has no money to spend on marriages!

Of course one can’t stop wondering where all the money went! Did it all go to the NGOs he funds, or did he send all the money to the roadside chap who he killed? Whatever the case be, he should have completed his statement, as to why the richest person in Bollywood is suddenly broke? Or, no, wait, is it the demonetization? Well, only Sallu bhai can tell !