Sallu spends the night in Jail:

The world was all uproar last night because our very own Bhaijaan was in the jail last night. The court finally announced his verdict. Out of the million crimes that Salman has committed, he was charged for this one. There have been a lot of actors like Jaya Bacchan who came out in support of Salman Khan, the man behind the shootout of the blackbuck and the man behind the hit and run case. Well Jaya Bachhan has the rationale that the man has done a lot of social welfare for which he should be acquitted. Many may agree, but that necessarily doesn’t mean we let go of a criminal.

Sallu bhai may have done a lot in charity, including opening up his own clothesline, Being Human, whose proceeds get passed into a charity house. So this charity game is supposed to hide the crimes that he commits? Of course no High court will listen to pleas like this- and if special rules are made for film actors, then the common man will be treated with unfair means.

Law and order means that everyone has to be treated with the same rules and regulations- if he has poached a precious animal, for hunting he should be penalized, just like any other Indian citizen would be.

And it has not only been once, but multiple cases of him breaking the Wildlife Act, and Arms Act. A lot of people learn from the stars they follow on television. What will the modern generation learn from the stars? To poach animals and drive across people- is this what Bollywood is preaching these days? The court has done justice when it has ruled against Salman Khan- star or no star, criminals need to be punished. But then again, there’s always a chance that the man will bail himself. Till then, he shares the same jail with Asaraam Bapu.