Salman’s lost wife found:

Looks like there’s a lot more brewing in Sallu Bhai’s life than anyone could imagine! Its unfair that you were so far trolling him for not getting married. Apparently the actor has been married to some lady! Er, no that is not what happened. A particular unidentified lady walked into his apartment and claimed to be his wife.

After Salman Khan reported that he had no money to get married, and after his hit and run case, the actor has again managed to make it to the news. This time it’s a passionate and loyal lover who barged in to his apartment and claimed to be his wife. Salman’s female following has been popular for some unknown reason (he has made movies like Dabang, there is no reason to worship him), although Bajrangi Bhaijan was a good one. Well this woman forgot the meaning of privacy and did the inevitable.

This particular woman could hoodwink the security outside his apartment and reached his doors, when the alarm was raised. The fire brigade was called and not the police. This is again very dark humour for the actor. Is it assumed that the actor causes disasters wherever he goes, that the fire truck was called instead of the police? Or is it that the police fear him now because he has the tendency of hitting random people with his car? Whatever be the case, this woman kept on reiterating that she is the wife of Salman Khan.

The actor was not there in his apartment when this scene took place. If he had been there, she might have fallen prey to his car. Doesn’t anyone remember his lessons well? Salman’s car is a murderous vehicle with supernatural powers. It involuntarily runs over people and still there are so many people willing to die for him! If this is not love, I don’t know what is! What dark humour in Bollywood!!