Salute Biopic will cast Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor:

Recently Bollywood has taken an interest to design movies in the biopic genre, to invite more number of viewers and audience. There have been several biopic pictures that have been already released, and a quite number of them still in line to be shot. Bollywood is probably trying to honour all the unsung heroes who have made a difference, and we have forgotten about them. There’s going to be a new biopic that will be released on Kapil Dev, another on the hockey captain Sandeep Sharma, and more to come of course.

This time, it’s the life of Rakesh Sharma the astronaut which will be turned into a biopic, with Shah Rukh Khan as the lead. The movie will be called Salute, and it was rumoured that Priyanka Chopra would get the role of actress. But now it seems that there will be another biopic on Kalpana Chawla, making her chances slim to act in both the movies- this role of Shah Rukh’s love interest has to be passed on to someone else.

According to the recent reports, it is rife that Kareena Kapoor Khan fits the billboard well. She has an absolute chance of making it to the role, but apparently she has denied the role.

It is quite possible that her reasons are her family, her child Taimur, and the fact that her career can take a back step, and she can always resume it later. There’s of course a lot of trial and error before an actress is finalized- it is never decided in a day, there are changes always. Salute hence may not be on the tables for Kareena. The movie will entirely revolve on the life of Rakesh Sharma, who took the challenge of venturing into outer space, and he was the first Indian to do so. Excited? I bet you are!