Sanah Kapoor, sister of Shahid Kapoor, divulges facts about Shahid:

Shahid almost randomly disappeared from the Bollywood scenes, and his last best contributions were Haider, and Jab we met. Shandaar was average,and nothing to ogle for. After his breakup with Kareena, he moved downhill his career, and then expressed the sudden desire to marry Meera Kapoor, and then there’s sudden lovey dovey posts everywhere. Love really creeps in quickly. ( really? ) Anyway they are now proud parents to Misha, and he’s temporarily back to the industry with his movie Padmaavat. He has had a tough ride, and the marriage seems to work out well for him. He has time and again expressed his loneliness, and has said that he wasn’t happy. He is soon set out to be father again, because Meera wants a child ( what about him?). Nevertheless, congratulations!

What does Sanah Say:

Well Sanah has said that Shahid always has been very protective, and that instinct has doubled up more as and when Misha came along. Sanah was once playing with Misha, when Shahid entered the room and questioned about why Sanah was dressed that way.

one side it is okay to be concerned with the child’s upbringing, but it is never alright to demean other person’s taste in clothes. Though Sanah laughs it off saying that he sounds extremely cute and protective, this is something that is a but too odd.

This isn’t the first time that a weird statement has come from the Kapoor family. Meera Kapoor had given an extremely sexist comment too- she had commented that only housewives can commit entirely to their children, and they love their children unconditionally, the working mothers don’t. this of course took the internet by fire. Motherhood is never to be questioned, and correlated to work. The status of a woman has no connection to her love. Nevertheless, too many sulky comments coming from lonely Shahid and Meera. They need to watch out before Twitterati explode on them. Just kidding!