Saurabh Shukla lashes out at people who insulted actors and performers to have low IQ:

Any form of art is intelligent, and any performer is talented. We often tend to underestimate the value of certain professions, but in reality it holds a lot of importance and relevance. Writing a script, directing a movie, designing clothes for the movie, preparing the scripts, getting the shots, editing and adding VFx, the entire laborious process that goes into a movie is huge, even if for a moment we forget the actor’s effort. But that too we cannot afford to forget. The actor usually blows life into the script of the movie. He or she enacts the way the script should flow. Whoever thinks that so much labour and hard work isn’t intelligence, that person himself or herself is a fool.

What happened that infuriated Saurabh:

Saurabh pointed out the disparities in Bollywood- he rightly pointed out that heroes in the 90s were stalkers, and they forcefully wooed the actresses even if they didn’t want it. This is a major concern of course, it changed India’s way of thinking forever- we still have the mentality of glorifying the stalkers.

Saurabh in the interview complained that the actors are made to stand dumb and continue acting, even after what happened with Nirbhaya, nobody in Bollywood could protest against stalking mentality. Saurabh was angry that the actors are asked not to voice their opinions, remain in the low IQ belt and simply act!

Saurabh drew an analogy:

He paralleled a mindless doctor with an actor. He said a doctor who would leave his mind behind at home, would be death reincarnate. Similarly, an actor who would propagate anything that is written in the scripts would be equally dangerous too. One needs to know what roles to take up. One needs to know what roles to project to the people of India. And his closing line was whoever thinks actors don’t have the IQ, are the ones who are lacking it!