Shabana Azmi on the present rape scenarios:

The last few days of our nation have been dark and dreary. We thought nothing could be worse than the Nirbhaya case, but it seems that the water could have hit us worse. The eight year old being brutally raped and bludgeoned made the nation furious, and several actors and actresses from Bollywood came up and stood in protest too. What followed was worse- there were more such cases, and none of them had received this much media attention. A lot of actresses and actors brought this to notice- they wanted a more unbiased judicial system that would punish rapists.

Shabana Azmi has been a powerful voice in the industry. She is known for her bold and courageous roles, even back in her times when such concepts of movies were rare. She has always been the goddess of charm and courage and has been battling social issues and stigma very boldly. She has recently spoken up in the light of the Kathua and Unnao Rape cases.

She commented on the campaign that was started by our Prime minister Narendra Modi, and said that we need to save our daughters so that this campaign is valid. A very powerful statement indeed, and it speaks of the deplorable condition that we have made out of women these days.

She went on to say that we are dwelling in multiple centuries, and the women have now become leaders, flag bearers, and so much more. And yet there are news which cant be even digested, because of the gore meted out to women. She strongly commended that we all unite under a banner such that these crimes be completely averted, and such incidents be never repeated. An excellent statement coming from a Bollywood icon, she is someone we should take inspiration from. She has fearlessly put forward her thoughts, something that we should do too. We sincerely hope that such criminals get punished and the system gets cleaned of such harassers and rapists