Soha Ali Khan finally protests against extreme media popularization of their children

Have you noticed lately what has been happening with Taimur? There are constant updates as to what he is wearing, what he is eating, where he is going, and he can barely understand all of this that is happening around him. The media is constantly reporting his activities that are of trivial importance and the entire situation is a fiasco to say in the least! Taking a child and making him news has never been a good idea. This reduces the childhood age and innocence in children. This is unfavourable for the child’s normal growth and development and Soha Ali Khan has the objection there.

Soha says it loud finally

Soha Ali Khan has finally said it aloud. She dislikes the unnecessary hype that the media is creating about their children. Soha Ali Khan has a point here- the public scrutiny that keeps happening is meant for the actors and the actresses, and definitely not for the kids. They needn’t be exposed to the glare of the media at all.

Children deserve to have a normal childhood. It is too much for Taimur to bear with all this, because his growing up is a normal process, whereas the media exaggerations create a hyper illusion.

The truth behind media coverages:

It is said that Kareena herself has hired a PR team for Taimur. If that is the case ( giggles), Soha has actually risen awareness to stop Kareena from doing so. As it is for a star kid, life becomes more privileged and things go down the wrong way-moreover if there is constant boost from media, then all of this will ruin the growing up scenario. Soha even further gets candid and says that Innaya helps her to learn more about parenting at each and every step, and all of this is absolutely personal and doesn’t deserve to get media coverage.