Soha Ali Khan leanrs from her motherhood experience:

Motherhood can be a wonderful experience and often times it changes the people who we are. Similar confessions have come up from many Bollystars, time and again. Soha Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan have become mothers one after another and the two sister-in-laws are having the times of their life enjoying thoroughly with their kids. The internet is flooded with their photos, instagram feeds, and facebook posts. While they are posting their pictures, the media is slowly getting obsessed with the children of the stars.

Recently Soha came up with the confession that even though her daughter is just 5 months old, there has been a lot of experiences that she’s had. She has understood that there is no point forcing her daughter to do something, because it comes back as rebellion and it is never done. Soha also understands that children have a mind of their own and it is difficult to force them into anything. While this is absolutely true, Soha also feels guidance is important as the children can’t be left to go astray.

Of course words of wisdom coming from a Bollywood actress counts, because chances are that people are actually listening to her. A lot of children are abused and misused, and these revelations coming from the stars might have an impact on the mindset of people.

Soha also said that parents need to have a lot of patience, and perseverance, and they need to be calm. Being calm and composed help the children to be more balanced. It seems the actor has already understood a lot about motherhood in just 5 months. Way to go Soha!

Soha is extremely happy with her husband Kunal Khemmu and her daughter Inaaya Naumi Khemmu. We wish them a happy family life!